hosts The EXPEDITION Project (UK)


After four successful expeditions in Africa, The EXPEDITION Project is coming to the UK on a very similar mission. But first we need to conduct the necessary background research, project identification and pre-filming. Your funding will partner you up with this innovate project by assisting with our travel expenses for a foundation perimeter route around the UK visiting NGO,s businesses and individuals to define what is driving the youth of today, what the comparisons are there with the youth of other countries, and most importantly what does the future hold for this and our next generation.


Our story is an international one, and following four expeditions in South Africa, it is time for the UK to be involved. In this globalised, fast growing world we will be posing several very real, pertinent questions: Are the issues and challenges faced by youth in UK similar to that of South Africans on our previous expeditions? Are there collaborative solutions that can be learned from each other? What examples are their to inspire the youth of the UK into a sustainable, creative, and ecomomically dynamic future?


Covering the challenging landscape apparent amongst climate change, consumerism, economic recessions and globalisation, the UK version of The EXPEDITION Project will be documenting communities, the challenges and solutions within them and the direction towards solutions via a 360-degree perspective. Subsequent follow-ups will make use of the awareness raised in series one to use audience participation by attracting the population to decide the route and solutions to challenges faced by the travelling teams.


The allure of combining a project initiated in South Africa with the UK, a nation that has influenced so much across the African continent, will depict perspectives that have seldom been seen outside of a one dimensional context. This project enables the audience to be transported into the paradox of two nations – one known for the birth of humanity along with its scenic wonders however struggling with the complex inhumanity that modern day life has brought with it and the other the birth of colonialisation now suffering the effects of mass immigration, increasing unemployment and youth apathy. No greater character revolution of resilience can be seen than that of youth struggling to break free of a future seemingly pre-determined.

The launch of your #NewRangeRoverSportSA has again set our eyes on @LandRoverZA

The launch of your #NewRangeRoverSportSA has again set our eyes on @LandRoverZA (see our 2011 launch video) #CSR

Our first choice for a project vehicle back in 2011 was @LandRoverZA however that did not materialize. Now with the imminent departure of our 5th expedition in 2014, we again set our eyes on this defining brand. Will they join us this time?

The Essence of the Traveller’s Tale

The Evolution of The EXPEDITION Project

“But to look back from the stony plain along the road which led one to that place is not at all the same thing as walking along the road; the perspective, to say the least, changes only with the journey; only when the road has, all abruptly and treacherously, and with the absoluteness that permits no argument, turned or dropped or risen is one able to see all that one could not have seen from any other place.”

 James Baldwin, Go Tell it on the Mountains Continue reading